Why is project SHARED not COLLABORATIVE, and how to change?

I have a project that a teacher owns, and she set it up a Collaborative project. I have access, as do others she’s invited.
It’s showing up as SHARED not collaborative, so the other members cannot work simultaneously- the edits show as locked when someone has the project open, so not how it should be.

The setting is turned on, we are able to work collaboratively on other projects. I am also able to start a new project as a Personal project, then invite another user and the project changes to Collaborative, not Shared.

Is there a way to change this project to be fully collaborative, so users can work simultaneously?

I do not believe you can change a project’s status once it has been started. The creator of that project simply clicked the wrong option.

I would have them save any video edits that they made, and then create a new project. Make sure they select “collaborative”. When project media comes up, they can add any edits they’d like.

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Since this was a year ago, I am wondering if there is an easier way to changed from ‘shared’ to ‘collaborative’. Our Students frequently rush through and click the wrong type.

It would also be great to see this option/status when editing. (without returning to the project page).

Hi @emily.shiller. Thanks for following up! The Project settings icon can be selected to convert a Personal Project to a Collaborative Project or to convert a Collaborative Project to a Shared Project. At this time, a Shared Project cannot be converted back to a Collaborative or Personal Project.
However, our support team can convert a shared project to a collaborative project on the backend. Please send your request and a link to the project you would like to be converted to support@wevideo.com and our agents can further assist you. Here is some more info about projects:

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Thanks for your help. I had the students recreate their videos (hopefully lesson learned to follow directions!) this time. Perhaps this can be suggested for the future? It would also be convenient to have to option to get back to the project page directly from the editing screen. Or at least to get to the dashboard in a more obvious way.

Thx again!

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Anytime @emily.shille. I have let our product team know about your feature request. Happy creating!